Yet another “first grandchild” story:

I was born in January; it was just a couple of months later when my mother discovered that she was expecting my sister.  It was a complicated pregnancy, so my parents moved back in with my grandparents so that my mother could have some help with me, “old ton of fun”.

My grandfather used to work third shift, so when he got home, he liked to spend time with me and have breakfast.  Eggs, bacon… it didn’t matter that I didn’t have any teeth yet.  Or that my mother had already fed me. (Again, thus the nickname!) But Gigi was always known for dancing to his own beat… and that included his ideas for entertaining his first grandchild.

When the weather was warmer, one of the things that he used to do was put me in my highchair, and pull it right up against one of the windows in the kitchen. Then he’d pull up a chair next to me, open the window – and sprinkle bird seed along the windowsill.  It was then only a matter of time before a variety of birds would show up and indulge in the seeds until they were all gone.

It amazes me that, between the open window and the squeals of delight from the chubby baby, the birds never actually made it into the house. But I’m sure it kept me entertained for hours – and it created a special memory for him.