Spearheaded by first cousins Kimberly Tryba and Lynn Tryba, The Family Treebark is designed to serve as a geneological hub for the Tryba family, tracing not only its roots, but also its far-reaching branches.

Got a family story to share?  Where we came from, who our family members are/were, our achievements and challenges — we’d like them all!

Feel free to post photos, scans of letters, documents, etc. — and let’s not forget family/signature recipes!  I think we all remember the from-scratch fried chicken, the seafood newburg, “No Name”, and dozens of other dishes that communicated “love”…

Every story is important – so if you’d like to contribute a recollection, but feel that it might be a bit sensitive in nature, either include it here with names removed, or please feel free to forward it to either of us via email, snail mail… or just give us a call!   We’d love to hear from you.

You can reach us directly at ktryba@gmail.com and lynntryba@yahoo.com; thank you for your participation!